Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17.

Dad’s play such an important role in this world.  I am so fortunate to have the husband I do. He works harder than anyone I know. Can’t ever get that D1 athlete out of him. Even though this time of year he works constantly, his heart is at home and we feel it when he’s off. I can’t wait to love on him for Father’s Day. I love that quote from Mother Teresa about loving your family. This would make for an excellent office gift. 🙂


I am sharing a few gift options I have available for purchase.

Option #1: Thirsty Dad

I promise you that beer tastes better in a pint glass! This is one of the most important things I learned at my last job. lol. I love this custom classy/masculine leather pint sleeve. This gift can be further customized to your dads/husbands drink of choice.





  • Custom 100% Genuine chocolate leather “DAD” pint sleeve
  • 16oz Pint Glass
  • 4 chocolate chip cookies from Eileen’s
  • 6 pack of beer, soda or water *prices will vary
  • Card

$35 package shown *prices will vary – dependent on drink selection

Option #2-3: Fix it/I need to fix it Dad & Working Dad

Does your man love to fix things or do you love saving money by having him fix things? Does he have his eye on a few things at the hardware store he rather pick out himself? Does your husband get sick of taking his lunch to work but loves his wife and does it to save money?





  • Custom 100% Genuine black leather “DAD” keychain
  • Gift card to Menards or Home Depot/ Chipolte for working dad box
  • 2 screwdrivers for his keychain (my husband uses his all the time)- Part of Fix it box only

$ Prices vary- dependent on gift card amount

Option#4: Tired/Hungry Dad

What a gift! The 3 words every dad wants to hear in the am “stay in bed.” This year, you have the perfect finishing items for your breakfast in bed. Serve him breakfast and a mimosa and encourage him to rest some more.


  • Serving Tray
  • Mini Champagne add OJ for mimosa
  • Plant/Succulent
  • “Stay in Bed” table tent printable


Option #5: Dad who likes surprises

Teaming up with my adorable friend Heather and SignGypsies Lawrence for a Father’s Day yard greeting surprise package.




  • DAD sign (choice of two)
  • Delicious cookies🍪
  • Custom 100% Genuine chocolate leather “DAD” pint sleeve
  • 16oz Pint Glass


📲Call/text (785)713-6170 to BOOK NOW!!
**dates ARE filling up fast, so have a couple of options in mind for delivery/set up!!!

To purchase one of the above please text me at 785-218-0995 or email me at Happy to also customize a package. To order a custom gift, fill out the form here to get started!

If you have any interest in reading an article that supports drinking beer from a glass, you can find it here.



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Six years ago I became a mom. Ever since my first was born, I struggled with finding the perfect work/home life balance. DOES it exist? My most recent 'real world' job the workload was cluttering my mind and spirit. After 11 years in sales/marketing and advertising, I recently decided to quit my job so that I would have energy and 'room' for what is most important. Now, as a mom of 3, wife and Jesus lover, I am now following my passion of gift giving. Thanks for visiting my site.

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