Have you ever wanted to quit your job without thinking things all the way through? I have, and I DID. I found myself working close to 60 hours a week. Getting to the office early, often in the dark (b/c that time didn’t take away from family), working through lunch. Leaving at 5, not b/c work was done, but b/c my other full time ‘momming’ job called for daycare/school pick up, dinner planning, toddler meltdown tending etc. I then would be anxious to get my kids to bed so I could prop the computer on my lap and work some more. The load was full both at work and at home. I. WAS. EXHAUSTED. Both mentally and physically. Work was getting all of me.

It hit me one day when I was scrolling the 280 photos my six year old took from his tablet. SO many pictures of mom in the background with that computer on her lap. How unfair for my family.

I fully believe we should have freedom and autonomy in our jobs so that we can save room for that which is most important. Our Faith, Family, Friends, Relationships, Community, Giving to others etc.

I decided enough was enough. My kids and husband deserve my present mind and soul. I quit my job without doubting because I knew that God was calling me to get out of my comfort zone and put my priorities back in order. Now I gotta “Faith it, till I make it” Our current finances are a mess. But luckily I know the One who holds our life plans and I fully trust those plans are not to harm us, and they will give us a future of hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Introducing….Gracefully Gifting.


I’ve always had love for gift giving. I decided to follow my passion to help others BE a gift by GIVING a gift.

Gracefully Gifting is a gift consulting business serving individuals and businesses. Life is busy and sometimes hard. People need pick me ups. Maybe a gift will help?



With Grace and Grit, 


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Gracefully Gifting

Six years ago I became a mom. Ever since my first was born, I struggled with finding the perfect work/home life balance. DOES it exist? My most recent 'real world' job the workload was cluttering my mind and spirit. After 11 years in sales/marketing and advertising, I recently decided to quit my job so that I would have energy and 'room' for what is most important. Now, as a mom of 3, wife and Jesus lover, I am now following my passion of gift giving. Thanks for visiting my site.

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